How to install theme in KDE?

I never done this, used only default, but I wanted to try some themes from I found one nice (Azenis_Theme) but like the rest, comes as .tar.gz file, which contains many folders with images and gz files etc etc.

However, when I go to personal settings -> themes -> install new theme, it never show any “Theme files” in given directory.
What “theme files” filter in dialog filters out? How do I install theme on easy way, and not by copying bunch of files into bunch of directories?


I think you shouldn’t extract them, and it will show the compressed folder.
Select the compress flder and it should be fine?
It’s the way it orks under gnome, at least, I didn’t test it with gnome.


well, this is a problem. Install Theme button opens dialog, which has filter for “Theme files” and shows no files. Actually “theme files” are not gz files and I cannot select anything.
Gnome is different story, this is question for KDE 3.5.x

Not anyone to reveal me a secret?

The is a how-to on
IMHO the simplest way would be installing it from rpm package. You can found some in the Community repo:
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.1_KDE4_Factory_Desktop.
Good luck.

not so much help. Theme manager wants “theme files” and .gz is not that.

OK, but what is with the theme rpms from the Community repo?

I dont know about that, I just downloaded one I liked from kde-look for kde 3.2+ and it is gz packed, and everyone say its excellent, and I do not know how to install it.

same here i cannot install them no files shown and i do not have oot acess on the other pc i want to do it on i do on my laptop luckily>:)

update on 3.5 install through the .gz:)

what you have to do with that paticular theme is extract it
then your themes settings and into that directory you just extracted the files to and find the theme files in there and install them

I am now using KDE 4, so this issue is dead/obsolete

Thank you all.