how to install .tar.gz in opensuse(newbie)

hello,it’s my very 1st time in Opensuse 12.1.I approached to Kubuntu this year,and i’m curious to know more about Opensuse. I’m without internet on my desktop(i’m writing from another pc) and i downloaded “ndiswrapper -1.57rc1.tar.gz” to enable my D-Link DWL-G132 dongle to work on Opensuse.But i’m not practice to install the program through Konsole,would you please give me instructions step-by-step :shame: Thx a lot

As a compressed tar file (which is an archive of files) can contain any bunch of files of any kind (you could make one of all the letters you send to your grandma), thus there is no prescibed way to do something (like installing) with it.

What one of course can do is unpack the file to see what is in it. You can do that e.g. via a file manager (like Dolphin in KDE, but you do not tell if you use a desktop, let alone which one) or with:

cd <directory where the file sits>
tar xvzf ndiswrapper-1.57rc1.tar.gz

This will then most probably create a directory with files in your working directory. Look inside. There should be a file with a name similar to README. Thhis file should contain documentation you must study. Come back here for more advice. Also, when it contains source you must build, do not forget you have to install first the Developement pattern, else you will have no compilers, etc.

BTW are you sure you need ndiswrapper? There were times when ndiswrapper had to be used for many a wrireless device, but nowadays most are supported directly. Did you go to the Wireless subforum, read the stickies there and ask for advice in that forum (providing the information asked for in the stickies).

you are great Henk,as soon at home,i’ll try,then if u will,i’ll send u the issue.THX a lot for the answer.