How to install OpenGL api x86

Hi. How to install OpenGL api for x86?

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By default, OpenGL should be fully supported and accessible to any application simply by running an X window system.
If your app requires a specific version of OpenGL (very rare), then you might need to install and configure a specific version of Mesa 3D.

If you have a specific use or need and errors are thrown,
You can post details of your problem (including the exact error) for others to evaluate.


I am building Qt from source. Tests not find OpenGL (mesa-devel, etc…, is install). I am solved this problem with link. Solution:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/


Problem is resolve. Close this topic

Congrats on finding your solution.
Yes, sometimes naming conventions or file locations need to be fixed.

This and other questions that have to do with building or compiling something might be better asked in the Development forums,
Besides getting eyes of others who are building/developing,
It also puts your question in the correct context of building and compiling instead of simply running something that is supposed to work.


Which is similar to installing the 32bit packages, in your case Mesa-libGL1-32bit would fix your issue and not have to remember :wink: