How to install lxqt on top of MicroOS for a Raspberry Pi 4?

Hello all.

I’m trying OpenSUSE for the 1st time.

I wanted to use MicroOS with my Raspberry Pi 4. It’s working OK now, but I’d want to have some desktop environment.

I just did

transactional-update pkg install -t pattern lxqt

and it installed everything fine. Then rebooted.

However, I have no graphical login. Only terminal. What am I missing? Thanks.


It sounds like the systemd boot target is set to, which basically means a normally running system but without a graphical desktop.
You can check if that’s the case by running:

systemctl get-default

To change the default boot target to so your Pi always starts a graphical desktop type the following:

sudo systemctl set-default

If you just want to temporarily start a graphical session you do so like this:

sudo systemctl isolate

Should you ever want to switch back to just a terminal rather than a desktop at boot just type this:

sudo systemctl set-default

Just bear in mind switching from a graphical to non-graphical target using systemctl isolate will close whatever desktop programs you’re running and log you out, so be sure to save your work before hand.
Also, keep in mind that if other people are around that switching from the non-graphical to using systemctl isolate doesn’t log you out of the virtual terminal you typed that in from, so they could (if they know how) flick back to the virtual terminal you started the graphical desktop from and have access to your user account.