How to install katoolin ( Kali Linux Tools ) in opensuse linux?

After Import katoolin ( Kali Linux Tools ) in Opensuse 15.1, I tried to install this tools and I used below commands;

1) Add Kali repositories & Update
1) Add kali linux repositories

But i got this error message

sh: apt-key: command not found

How can i resolve this error message?

Hello and welcome to the openSUSE forums.

Please do not assume that people here are clairvoyant ;).

You say “After Import katoolin ( Kali Linux Tools ) in Opensuse 15.1,”, please explain from where and how.
I personaly never heard of it, but at least telling what you are doing may help others to help you.

Also, I doubt thatthe text you post between CODE tags is the exact copied/pasted text as you got it on your terminal.

And your last snippet says something a bout apt-get. That is not the native way of managing software as used in openSUSE. The more important to tell what you are trying to achieve.

I found this tutorial
please see here:

In step 4, you can start what do you want, and additional details written in my first post

1) Add kali linux repositories
2) Update
3) Remove all kali linux repositories
4) View the contents of sources.list file

What do you want to do ?> 1
**sh: apt-key: command not found**

1) Add kali linux repositories
2) Update
3) Remove all kali linux repositories
4) View the contents of sources.list file

if you need any additional details don’t be hesitate to ask me about additional details

As you probably noticed, that is an Ubuntu tutorial, but you are now on openSUSE. And yes, we do not have apt-key (and friends).

And please again: you show some text as CODE, but we have no idea what you are doing. If this is from a terminal shell session, then please copy/paste complete! That is starting with the prompt/command line end up to and including the new prompt line.

Convince Kali tools maintainers to add support for other distributions beyond Debian-based. Or find someone to do it for you. Or do it yourself.

If you know what you need, some tools are available as part of openSUSE distribution, some can be found on OBS. is your friend.

I got the image from my terminal
see here:
( I know apt-key is not in OpenSUSE, but can i resolve this problem at all? OR can i resolve this problem and install katoolin on OpenSUSE with another method?

You apparently do not understand what katoolin is. There is nothing to install - this is script which installs various Kali tools. Script itself does nothing beyond that and everything this script does can be done without it (adding debian repository is not really a rocket science). Which makes me wonder, whether you understand what Kali is and what you intend to do with these tools once they are installed (or do you even know what will be installed).

Kali is basically a Debian based release,
And it’s not likely worthwhile for anyone to port it to RPM based distros like openSUSE…
Because it’s not just Kali,
A good many of its forensic tools are written in, and packaged only for Debian systems including dependencies.
That’s largely based on legacy attitudes, the hacking community’s roots are Debian (apt) based.

I run my Kali Linux in a virtual machine with all the commands I need to maintain it… Since it’s built on a rolling release (like TW), every update also requires its “distro-update” which we in openSUSE call an upgrade.

That said,
There are plenty of individual tools in Kali you’ll find in openSUSE repos.
One major example off the top of my head is aircrack-ng, which you can use to scan, sniff and hack Wifi devices in the area, both Access Points and client machines… and various password cracking apps (which you’d use to crack WiFi passwords and other things)

Another major and important app you’ll find in openSUSE repos (and Kali) is the OpenVAS security scanner… That would be a slight trick to set up on openSUSE without first having set up on Kali, IIRC the Greenbone web interface is a different package and not obviously installed with OpenVAS (If you want a web tool and not just run by command line). But, this is immensely useful if you want to harden your machines (any OS, not just Linux).

The major part you’d be missing from Kali that AFAIK is not simple to set up on openSUSE is the metasploit database and test environment (best not to hack real machines when you’re playing around with serious malware).