How to install Gnome 2.x on the OpenSuse 11.4 Gnome 3 edition ?

Hello,my name is Walter Sobchak.I am fabulously awesome at threatening hippies with a gun till they sh*t bricks at bowling games and showing ye all what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps,but I’m a complete noob at using OpenSuse,an awesome distro that is still new to me.Please help me.

So I installed the Gnome 3 version of Suzy a couple of days ago,and I kind of liked palying with it but I would like to install the good old Gnome 2.x beside Gnome 3.

Is it possible in 11.4 ? And if it is - how ?

Thank you.

Considering 80% of people are struggling with going the other way 2.X -> 3.0 I say good luck haha.
Which installation route did you take - the GNOME3.0 live CD?
Otherwise, people are removing the 3.0 repository, and running ‘zypper dup’ -> you may need to re-add the GNOME ‘pattern’ back through yast afterward
This is what i have seen, but Im no expert at all -> There may be an easier way
Alternatively, grab the GNOME liveCD from the suse website (main) and it is preloaded with 2.32

Yes,I installed Suzy 11.4 from the Gnome 3 Live CD.

So you are saying it’s pretty much impossible,right ?


Technically speaking, noting is impossible with the right packages, but running GNOME3.0 and 2.3 in parallel is very unlikely as they use different versions of the same packages (i.e. network manager) so it would be… interesting.
Its generally taken as one or the other :slight_smile:

I see.So it’s impracticeable.At least for me.

Thank you for the explanation,sir.

in frustration mutilates a nihilist

If it is that you just dont want GNOME3, and you havnt set much up. I would just reinstall with the DVD or GNOME2.3 LiveCD. If however, you want both… Its not something easy to do.
You are very welcome