how to install g77 on opensuse 11.1

dear all,
i have few codes which only works with g77, and opensuse comes with new gcc, fortran which is gfortran, a frotran90/95 compiler. my question is

  1. How can i install g77, without altering the present configuration in this working system?
  2. can i install some old version of g77 alone, without the corresponding gcc?
  3. do i need to recompile the entire gcc, and downgrade to the older gcc to suit my need?

i hope i can install old gcc version with g77 (or g77 alone, if possible) on /opt/ or in another place, which is not a system path and works parallely with the current gcc

please help me! i deliberately wanted to run these codes!

regards slacker9

Did you try installing gcc33-fortran? It will coexist with previously-installed packages without having to worry about /opt.

dear plasmonics, thank you!!
i only checked for g77, from the rpm packages. now i installed these packages and everything working perfectly
regards slacker9


Does it work with opensuse 10.2 in the same way?


It should. First, see if it is even available for opensuse 10.2 by going into Yast -> Software management and searching for it.