How to install downloaded programs? 11.1 GNOME

I am very new to linux and opensuse, I am running on GNOME 11.1 and need help on how to install downloaded programs such as limewire, pokerstars, ect… or programs not found in repositories.

I have googled for a step by step and I can’t seem to find anything, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Are you asking about downloading windows programs? Have a look at openSUSE’s Wine page to start with.

Regarding Limewire there is a packaged version called Frostwire which you can get from the Packman repository. Search and 1-click install it from Webpin

Frostwire works great man thanks! I am still fighting with java plug in for 10.0 as soon as I get it worked out everything will be good to go!