How to install Denyhosts on P[enSuse 11?

I persuaded a client to try OpenSuse 11 on his home computer rather than Vista.

He wanted me to install Denyhosts for him because he is getting lots of hack attempts.

I tried to install Denyhosts for him, but in what seems to be more and more common with SuSE these days is the Novell “Gotcha!”

Denyhosts requires python 2.3 or 2.4, but SuSE in their infinite wisdom decided to make OpenSuSE 11 incompatible with the rest of the world by putting python 2.5 on it!!!

Is there any way to downgrade python to 2.4 or anyone know of a way to install Denyhosts?

I downloaded the source and tried to install it, but just ended up with errors

Have a search for denyhosts here;

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