how to install clipgrab on OpenSuse Leap 42.3 - via YAST or Console!?

hello dear community

how to install clipgrab on OpenSuse Leap 42.3 - via YAST or Console!?

which way - which method is the most apropiate!?

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Click install](

in at least 99,99% of all cases there shouldn’t be any difference.
Yes, if you search the Forums you might find the one in whatever instance when there was a difference but chances you won’t find those threads.


hello dear TSU - great to hear from you…

  • i followed to this page

which installed / used a one click version

a repository of leap 42.3 home:regataos

but i was not very sure if this is safe - and if i could trust this operation / process of installation:

see the following protocol;

ID: D5D3ED2869DB3DC5
Name: home:regataos OBS Project 
Fingerabdruck: E625 DB99 9390 F7E0 8445 6EDC D5D3 ED28 69DB 3DC5
created :: Erstellt: 22.05.2017
time to end :: Ablaufdatum: 31.07.2019

i refused the installation see Logdatei /var/log/YaST2/y2log an. error: Adding Repositories

Ein Fehler trat auf, bei dem Versuch die benötigten Repositories einzutragen. Überprüfen Sie die YaST2-Logdateien für mehr Informationen. Die folgenden Repositories konnten nicht hinzugefügt werden

what can i do - shoud i use a one click installation - or can i do a installation via console!?

When you go to,
packages can come from a variety of different repositories…
They can be (in descending order of reliability)

  • The default distro repos
  • Repos specific to something which has not yet been added to the distro repos, but managed by openSUSE/SUSE
  • Community repos which are not managed by openSUSE/SUSE
  • Private repos, owned and managed by individuals but deployed on an openSUSE/SUSE server (typically obs)

The repo you’re questioning is one of the last category I listed above, so there is an increased risk in anything from a private repo, but in general I’ve usually not found anything that harmed my system… at worse, packages might not work… but keep in mind that a good amount of malware in the world is not intentional, and happen because of unintentional mistakes.

If you have a choice,
It’s better to choose from a repo managed by openSUSE/SUSE or a recognized Community.

HTH and IMO,

hello dear TSU

as allways - many thanks for this answer - it helped alot.
as allways - you do a great job here - support so overwehlming…

I am very glad to be here at this place…

have a great day