How to install Chromium browser

I’m running 11.3 KDE 64bit

I’ve installed Google-chrome browser, but it’s unstable the crashes when trying to send attachments in Gmail

How do I install Chromium-browser? What repo is needed in Yast?

I’ve installed it on my Mandriva box and its much more stable

I use chromium as my main browser. You can install it from the Contrib Main repository. WebPin can help you locate the repository for a given application.

You should add this repo and make sure you use the stable one

won’t let me add the repo. says it has errors. what’s the correct one?

how is this done? I just went to Webpin and entered Chromium and it didn’t come up.

Download the rpm from here
Google Chrome for Windows - Terms and Conditions Agreement

click on it to run in the package manager
next time you open software management it will ask you to accept the key, do so.

Does anything show up in WebPin, or is it just chromium you can’t find? What happens if you search for something else (skype, poedit, whatever…) ?

I already have Google-chrome. its the one that crashes. I want to install Chromium-browser. its more stable and it will let me send attachments without crashing the browser.
I want to uninstall google-chrome and install chromium-browser. where is it?

Chrome is rock solid on my 3 computers.

Here it is: Search Results

One-click install and it will add Contrib for you.

The Contrib repo is available through YaST Community repos. Just start YaST’s package manager and click the configure tab and select repositories.

Then click the add button, then the community radio button and select the Main Repository (Contrib) repo from the list.