How to install a driver for AVM Wlan-stick?

Hello everyone!

I just installed openSUSE 11.1 and I am amazed because it is a lot better :slight_smile: than Windows XP which I am using right now because I couldn’t make it to connect to the internet.:’(

I failed to install the fritz! USB Wlan stick from AVM. I guess it is because I don’t know how to install the driver - the rest seems easy.

I downloaded a file from fwlanusb-1.00.00.tar.gz
I opened and extracted it, and don’t know how to install it. Sure it’s easy but as a newbie I don’t know the klicks. There is a folder on my hard disk containing also a file “install” which seems to be a script. Could this help?

I am grateful for every kind of help!
Thanks a lot!

Forget about it.

Kernel Log: In future only GPL USB drivers to use internal kernel USB API, version last in 22 series. - News - The H Open Source: News and Features

Use ndiswrapper or throw this incompatible closed source crap away.