How to inform packagers about a new software version?

Tumbleweed aims to ‘contain the latest stable versions of software’. Of course, it’s difficult for the packagers to keep track of the huge amount of software.

How to inform the packagers, that there’s a new software version of an already existing software package available? I guess that using bugzilla is not a good idea, as bugzilla should be used for reporting bugs only?

I would like to give a (low priority) ‘hint’ to the packagers. Is there a way to do this?

Submit a Feature Request to

The maintainer for that software should then be notified and then it’s up to him/them whether to build the new version.


There are lots of tools that keep maintainers aware of new releases (eg osc collab plugin), use of source service files etc

====================== utilities ============================
Downloading data in a cache. It might take a few seconds...
Package        | Parent Project | utilities      | Upstream      
highlight      | 3.28           | 2.16           | 3.29          
perl-File-Next | 1.12           | 1.06           | 1.14          

Look at the OBS development project and email the maintainer(s) for a heads up.

For some of my packages, the developers ping me when there is a new release…