How to hide a device from scan knowing its mac address

First Happy new years for everybody.

Now my question.
Is it possible to hide a Bluetooth device knowing its mac address so it does not appear at all.

Any help is welcome.

Hi and Happy New Year to you :slight_smile:
Well if discovery is turned off then it won’t be visible? The paired devices will know about each other but that is it.

Perhaps explain a bit more you use case?

You can disable the device with rfkill so it’s softblocked?

At home, each time I start Bluetooth to copy a file from any home computers to my mobile phone, there is an unknown neighborhood mobile phone which appear. I would like to banned (hide) it.

It might not be a phone… not sure if you can blacklist, just like wifi hotspots.

Is it trying to pair with your device?

The following command should show you what it is;

hcitool scan --all --flush