How to have no password on microOS Gnome

I have my living room pc running microOS (Gnome) and I would like it to not be password protected. Sadly, deleting my password while in the transactional-update shell locked me out of the system upon reboot and I had to rollback. How do you do it right, if at all possible?

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@J-Kappes Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
As in auto login? If so, switch to root user in a terminal and edit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager (no need to be in a transactional-update shell) and add your username in the DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN=section. Then reboot and should get to the desktop.


Thank you, yes that too. Just as important to me was not having to enter the password upon letting the pc suspend. Only now that you’ve solved one half of the problem do I realize the solution for the other half is trivial if considered separately: Just disable screen lock on screen blank :sweat_smile:

The solution I was looking for was literally having no password on my user whatsoever, but this is better.

Ahh yes I do that too!

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