How to get the dell 5530 broadband working?

I run a Dell Latitude E4200 with the Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA Mobile Broadband Minicard Device
It’s recognized.
It shows up in the modems list in Yast.
Did anyone already have this running?
Great if you could share your config with me.

Take a peek at the stickies in the wireless sub-forum lots of useful info there


we have connected to mobile broadband by going to Network manager;

(two TV screens at bottom right !!)


edit connections;

(running easy peasy on Eee at present so can’t check exact)

select mobile broadband

country; network ; select;

if that works; now LRFT-CLICK on network manager: do yuo see your entry?

does that work; is it any good;

deano ferrari is v good if you need to use the witches brew of wvdial or those things