How to get KVM to make full screen really full screen

I am running Tumbleweed and have installed KVM to run Fedora 39 as a virtual machine. It all seems to work but when I switch to full screen the resolution is lower than what I would like. Full screen leaves the left and right sides of the screen blank, and the size of text and graphics seem to indicate the resolution is less than the 1920x1080 I am used to. IS there a way to get KVM toincrease the resolution ?


Did you check the resolution of the guest? Lately this also happens to Virtualbox guests, that the automatic resizing after a fresh install is not satisfying. That means, increase the screen resolution of the quest to the required value…
Maybe this also applies to KVM guests…

@hui Bingo. I am running two desktops in the virtual Fedora. I went into xfce, the display settings and increased it to 1920x1080. It changed that to 1920x751 for some reason, so I applied it. I then went back into the display setting and 1920x1080 was then available. So was the 60 refresh rate my monitor needs. Now the screen is full! Have to figure out how to do that under IceWm, the other desktop I use, or perhaps it might be automatic ? Anyway thanks for the quick suggestion!

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