How to equalise audio?

Hi all,

My laptop speakers aren’t that brilliant (like most laptop speakers), but I was wondering if I could improve it by equalising it. The problem is that high-pitched noise (such as clapping) is really loud and shrill, to the point that it becomes painful to listen to. For example, this video I just can’t listen to on my laptop: (nothing naughty, just a BBC show!!). I’d just like the ability to turn the high pitched sounds down a bit.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

PS - I am a complete newbie at OpenSUSE/Linux. I’ve installed OpenSUSE on this laptop 4 days ago, and although many things feel quite ‘natural’, I’m still getting the hang of it :stuck_out_tongue:

We need someone to write a guide on how to do this on openSUSE. Maybe that someone could be you?

From what I have read, other Linux distributions have added an equalizer to alsa/pulse audio by using a plugin with ladspa .

The packman packagers package ladspa for openSUSE and there are various ladspa packages available at least one of which should provide some equalizer capabilities.

But no one has written a guide yet as to the steps involved and the exact plugin needed.

One sollution might be to download the video with something like ClipGrab or similar and play the file locally instead, using e.g. Amarok or MPlayer. I believe Amarok should be able to stream from YouTube with the youtube script as well but I haven’t managed to have it do so. But in both cases, using Amarok to play the file/stream, you should be able to use the player’s own equaliser to modify the sound for your liking. If you wish to use MPlayer you have to first enable the equaliser: preferences > audio > enable equaliser

Amarok isn’t actually a video player so to have video you have to enable the videoclip applet, but that is fairly easy: Amarok/Manual/AmarokWindow/ContextPane - KDE UserBase


Most players will have a built-in equalizer. The main thing is that the back end you are using supports this function.