how to enable kernel log terminal? Ctrl+Alt+F10 (F9? F11?)

There is some log terminal on Ctrl+Alt+F10 in openSUSE 13, but nothing in 42 and newer versions. Also IIRC there were different logs on Ctrl+Alt+F9 and Ctrl+Alt+F11 in older openSUSE versions (dmesg or something else?).
How do I enable this (these?) terminal(s) in 42 and Tumbleweed?

You should set parameters ForwardTo–°onsole=yes and TTYPath=/dev/tty10 in config file /etc/systemd/journald.conf

Thank you, systemd log appeared on Ctrl+Alt+F10.
Is it possible to forward dmesg output to tty9 or tty11? IIRC there were different logs on different terminals in older openSUSE releases.