How to edit signature in this forum ?


I was thinking of mentioning my pc’s hardware details in my digital signature of this forum but couldn’t find a the link to edit it.

How to edit signature in this forum ?

It probably becomes activated when we have more post and become upgraded from “Puzzled Penguin”

I click on “Settings” near the top right. From there, I click on “Edit Signature” in the left margin.

As another responder indicated, perhaps you don’t currently have access to that control.

Found it. Thanks to both.

To edit your signature:

  1. From the “Forum Actions” drop down menu, select “Edit Profile”
  2. In the left sidebar you should see a link that says “edit signature”
  3. Once again, the rest should be simple. You can use BB code to create links, bold, etc. of your source

you have to concert to administrator for detail. !!!
so mail him ,