how to display a virtual desktop to a second monitor

KDE user.
I like to use 2 monitors connected to 1 computer.
Adding the second monitor was easy with ARandr.
Now I like the second monitor to display a virtual workspace. Possible?
Any hints how to do that?


With the current KDE Plasma, there shouldn’t have been any need to use “xrandr” to manipulate the RandR settings for multiple monitors – in fact, you can run into conflicts between what KDE Plasma wants to do and, the RandR settings you’ve configured by means of “xrandr”.

Within the KDE System Settings → Workspace → Window Management → Window Behaviour –

  • With multiple monitors, you should be seeing a section at the bottom related to “Multiscreen behaviour” – enable “Separate screen focus

You should then, be able to assign a separate “Activity” to that screen.

This is assuming that, within KDE System Settings → Hardware → Display and Monitor → Display Configuration – the screens have been correctly recognised and set up.

OK I don’t use xrandr anymore (deleted)
KDE recognizes my 2 monitors.
I have created a virtual monitor
In “Activities” I have a default and I added a second one
How can I couple the second activity to the second monitor?

Try a right click on the 2nd monitor and see if, due to the “Separate screen focus”, the 2nd monitor can be directed to use the alternative activity.