How to disable dev-disk-by\x2d* service on startup?


Whenever I boot my openSUSE Tumbleweed system I notice that a process called dev-disk-by\x2d* (can’t remember what comes after the x2d in its name as it is rather long) is trying to start but always fails and wastes 1 minute and 30 seconds of start-up time on every boot. I am wondering is it possible to disable this process (so it doesn’t start on startup)? I have used YaST2 to look for systemd processes for the default system target “Graphical Interface” (in the hope that I could disable it myself) and not one of them even looks like dev-disk-by\x2d*, hence why I am asking for help on this. In the interest of helping you help me here is the output of

systemctl list-units


Thanks for your time,

Too little information.

Try looking in “/etc/fstab”. Is there a disk listed there which is not being automatically mounted? Or is there an encrypted LUKS partition shown in “/etc/crypttab” that is not being handled properly?

The closest I have come to this, is when I have installed Tumbleweed in an encrypted LVM on an external drive. I’m not sure why, but the “crypttab” entry for the disk had some similar issues. The crypttab entry was a “/dev/disk/by-id” entry, and the ID used contained a “/” which was protected with “\x2f” escaping. And apparently that doesn’t actually work when used that way. I had to change the entry to use the UUID.

No encrypted LVM partition (hence also no /etc/crypttab file) and as for /etc/fstab I can’t find a single volume that isn’t being mounted.

There should have been some output from your “systemctl list-units” command. I’m guessing that you messed up on the copy/paste.

Maybe try:

% systemctl list-units | grep dev-disk

That should give a shorter output.

For me, that gives (for comparison):

% systemctl list-units | grep dev-disk
systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-ce14101d\x2df8d6\x2d483a\x2d948b\x2dee2b631c1bbc.service loaded active exited    File System Check on /dev/disk/by-uuid/ce14101d-f8d6-483a-948b-ee2b631c1bbc

which happens to be the partition for “/boot” here.

You perhaps also try (as root)

# systemd-analyze blame

to see if that gives any useful information.

Was it always this way since you first installed? Or, did it show up after you upgraded from a different version? Or, after you changed drives or repartitioned?

The important information for this is:
What did you or the system do before this started showing up?

I make a wild guess that a UUID has been changed and the old information is still held somewhere, such as in the resume line in Grub2, or the fstab.

It’s not “process”. Systemd waits for device with this name to appear because it is listed as prerequisite for some other unit (e.g. swap file, device in /etc/fstab, device reference in /etc/crypttab, etc).

can’t remember what comes after the x2d

So look it up in logs. Use “systemctl show -p RequiredBy -p WantedBy dev-disk-by…” to see what units require this device. If you are not sure how to fix it, post this output.

Unfortunately the most likely answer to question that starts with “I do not remember” is “who knows”. Answer will be as good and accurate as is information you provide.