How to diagnose why X is stuck consistently at 50-70% CPU usage?

Suddenly, everything has slowed down and become choppy. I ran “top” and discovered that “X” is using a lot of CPU. It’s been stuck there for a while. I tried changing the compositor back and forth but nothing helps.

How do I diagnose this issue?

I don’t know an answer, but why do you think that the Multimedia experts will be able to help you best?

I was thinking it was display/video-card related and thus multi-media was the best forums. sorry.

Anything unusual being reported in your Xorg logs? Any graphical processes running that might be causing the loading? Try creating a new user, and examine whether the same problem exists when logged in as the new user.

also…Which desktop environment? Graphics chipset and driver in use? Acceleration settings?

Well, multimedia is sound, music, movies, etc.

X is more Applications or even Install/Boot/Login (when about Graphics cards, etc.).
But I see help is coming forward, thus I will leave it here.




when cpu usage was high, compared to normal of < 15%,
the language settings in systemsettings5 were changed,
then all returned to normal (this may just of been a coincidence)

occasionally since then when cpu usage is high, systemd-coredump, was seen to be running,
this takes 30-40 seconds to finish
why? no idea


your journal will tell you which app has dumped core, if it cant be fixed and is benign you can switch off core dumps + check core dump directory since they can take a lot of space (i have no idea why this is enabled by default)