how to delete from dual boot

Hi. Trying to delete leap 15.2 from a windows 10 dual boot install. Can’t get rid of grub

Is this UEFI booting, or is it legacy BIOS booting?

uefi. I think I did it ok. Found some info online and had to edit an efi partition to delete suse entry. Seems to be working ok.

Yes, removing the boot files from the EFI partition probably does what you wanted.

You can usually use (as root):

### that lists boot numbers for the various boot entries
efibootmgr -b bootnumber -B

where you use the actual boot number you want to delete (something like 0003) instead of the string “bootnumber”. That deletes the entry.

One one computer that I have, after I delete an entry the firmware (BIOS) puts it back unless I also delete the boot file for that entry from the EFI partition.