How to delete application (Dolphin) cache

Dolphin has developed a glitch; it opens but is stuck in a fixed position and i can’t drag it around - the top 2cm of the window are actually not visible at the top edge of the screen and I can’t see the X, so can’t X out and I can’t drag it around.

Must be a cache corruption thing as everything else works, I can open files etc. Dunno where the specific item I need to delete is though.


I doubt it’s a cache thing, it shouldn’t affect position. I’m assuming it’s KDE as you mention Dolphin.

If you can see part of the screen you can hold ALT and drag the screen with the mouse to were you want it. You can also close any windowed app with ALT-F4 if it has the focus. Last, in system-settings or if you right-click on the window title bar you can can choose <more actions> -> <special window config> in the drop-down menu and check in the Size and Position tab if this weird position isn’t accidentally set in one of the options.

Haha, I forgot about Alt. It did the trick though, it ‘unlocked’ the window freeze and I’m back to normal now. Thanks for the reminder.