How to correct color in Xorg

I just installed openSuSE 11.1 on a VIA Eden motherboard and have major problems with the colors in KDE 3.5 or Xorg

Everything is way to bright, I have my LCD’s brightness dialed down to 0 right now.
A color like #e6e6e6 (light grey) is completely white.

When I open SaX2 it tells me that I am running 1280x720 and 24bit

So how can I adjust the color in X?

Thank you

It depends on your graphics driver. The proprietary nvidia and ati drivers both have configuration tools that allow you to make adjustments. (For ATI, its called ATI Catalyst Control Centre).

Any idea what the tool is called for VIA?

I am currently running xorg-x11-driver-video-chrome9 but also compiled openchrome.

I found a tool called xgamma but it is not doing anything…

I don’t know if via driver has a tool for this. Strange that xgamma didn’t work for you though. Did you try something like

xgamma -gamma 0.8

You could try editing the ‘Monitor’ section of xorg.conf directly like this:

Section “Monitor”
Gamma 0.8

By default gamma is set to 1.0, but lowering it may help. Make sure you backup existing working xorg.conf first. After making any changes (as root), you will need to restart X-server for changes to take effect.

this is strange, my last reply was not posted to the board.

I added the Gamma value to my file yesterday and set it to something really low … think it was 0.6 but nothing changed.

I found the Gamma correction utility in KDE 3.5, changed it to the lowest setting possible but nothing changed.

I will install CentOS onto this computer today and see if this is just some strange behavior in openSuSE.

I forgot to add, when I say xgamma does not do anything I am talking about actually changing the gamma, it does produce output.

~> xgamma
-> Red  3.500, Green  3.500, Blue  3.500

~> xgamma -g 0.5
-> Red  3.500, Green  3.500, Blue  3.500
<- Red  0.500, Green  0.500, Blue  0.500

The image on my screen did not change after executing the last command.

Maybe this is a limitation of the via driver. It works for most.

Did you get xorg-x11-driver-video-chrome9 from the Build Service (or from what source)?

Also need to know: What driver version? What video chip (sorry, don’t know that mainboard)?

I have a test system installed with 11.1 & KDE 3.5.10, running ok with chrome9 driver or openchrome driver (except for unstable streaming video using Flash). The colour has always been good for both drivers. Never used any tool to adjust it (Don’t think there are any with those drivers). Have also used openchrome driver on several other distros without problems, but openSUSE has provided little or no support for it over years:(. But anyway, we will try to help so please provide additional info about video chip etc.