How to compress source code downloaded from github and make executable zip file.

Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have lenovo a3000 h tablet and I am searching for custom ROM for it.

Only one person around the world has developed custom ROM ie., CyanogenMod cm11 for it and uploaded it to some website but that site currently is not in use I mean it is dead.Fortunately he has uploaded source code to git hub. I have searched the ROM zip file in web but not found.

I know that in the open source world if we have source code we can compile it and create software. I have downloaded all source code file’s from github.

I am providing the address below

Can any one of you suggest a way how to create a ROM zip file so that I can flash using custom recovery like cwm or twrp.

One of the tutorial suggested that 150 GB is needed to create a ROM and I am providing that link below.

In the above mentioned link they have illustrated using Ubuntu.

I know that the task is complex but suggestions from all are helpful.

You might want to look for ways other Developers are doing this so that you conform with practices and methods for what you are doing.

But otherwise,
Here is a solution that will convert your zip arhives

And, if the type of archive isn’t important to you, here is a utility that makes binaries using the TAR algorihm

I’ve also seen images distributed in the raw format (eg ZIP or BZIP), and just let the User unpack it.

Distributing as a binary is only providing a convenience, and nowadays may not be the wise thing to do since binaries can hide malware.


Creating a zip file is very easy and we can do it using ark program but the issue is to compile the source code and create a zip file. The link specified by me starting with XDA describes the process.

The XDA Forums is “the” place for discussions related to creating bootable imaging files and flashing them for use by a boot loader.

In any case,
I doubt that you understand what you’re trying to do…
Mobile devices typically set up and run differently than your oridinary x86/x64 machines… where you can update pieces as needed.
Instead, when you flash an image to a mobile device,
Typically you flash an entire image containing kernel, OS including devices, configurations and applications.
If you build a new kernel, you have to add it to a full image containing everything else (ie update a full image)… You can’t simply compile a new kernel and flash to your lenova as you appear to want to do.

Perhpas now you might want to re-consider what you’re asking about?


as that is a mtk device you’d need a MediaTek (MTK) flash tool like SP Flash Tool

they do provide a Linux application and it’s distribution independent but I didn’t manage to get it working, the windows version worked fine under 7 (xp too)
you could try the Linux build but I doubt it will work
I recommend reading this page
it’s in Russian but you can use google as a web translator
as far as I can tell there is no working cm rom for that device
if you don’t know what you are doing you will most likely brick your device so if it’s working leave it alone if you really want to flash it find a friend who’s done it before

the link to github you provided is for the devices kernel only
there is a lot more to android then just the kernel and building it takes a lot of time resources and experience
I’ll say it again if your device is working leave it alone if you need to flash it to get it working you can get a working rom from 4pda or get a copy of the last official version from
ROM Lenovo A3000-H | [Official] add the 07/08/2015 on Needrom

there seams to be an unofficial kitkat rom for your device on xda
you can get better help regarding flashing there

At present my lenovo a3000 h tablet is running android stock ROM ice cream sandwich but it is eating out RAM as unnecessary blot ware is installed and it is not possible to remove them. If I again install aosp ROM same thing happens and even more ram is needed.

So I am searching for custom ROM because it doesn’t contain unnecessary blot ware.

I think that it is impossible to create a ROM zip file from source code because it requires a lot of packages need to be installed and 150 GB of hard disk space and so I am stopping current work.

the link you provided is the android source code after it all gets compiled and compressed (apk’s are zip’s too) the result will be around 300M
get the kitkat rom for your device from xda they even have a how to video
Lenovo is known for putting a lot of bloatware on their devices that eatup resources the only way to really clean it is by rooting your device and removing unnecessary packages again if you’re unexperienced don’t do this as you will brick your device
I recommend asking for help on the xda page above as the people there have that device and have experience with it