How to compress pdf file which contains high resolution images.

Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have an android tablet and an Acrobat reader and a PDF file. I have tried to open it in Acrobat reader and failed to load even after 10 minutes but I have copied the above file to PC and tried to open it in Acrobat reader and it has been successfully loaded.

I have extracted the images of the above pdf file to 427 jpeg files. Surprisingly the resulted folder size is 1.2 GB and the PDF file size is 54 mb only. After that I have seen the properties of one jpeg file and it is 3.5 mb with 2048* resolution.

I think that the tablet consists of processor with lower resources and the system processor has higher resources. So the above mentioned pdf file is unable to load in the tablet.

I have opened a number of pdf files in my tablet and everything worked fine except this.

I have tried to compress the pdf file using ghost script guis like densify and workerpdf using options like ebook, screen, pre press etc.,. and unfortunately all of the resulting output files are above 150 mb.

After that I have compressed the 427 jpeg files using ffmpeg gui tool called format factory and the resulted folder size is 250 mb. I have even created pdf using a tool called ilovepdf by selecting all of the compressed jpeg files. Unfortunately the resulted output pdf file is 250 mb.

Can anyone of you suggest how to compress the pdf file by internally compressing the images present in the pdf file.

And how is any of this directly related to openSUSE?

I have extracted jpeg images from pdf file and after that I have compressed those jpeg images.

My question is someone has created a pdf file which consists of 427 jpeg images of size 1.2 GB. Now is it possible to create a new pdf file which consists of jpeg images of size 150 mb.

Is there any app to compress pdf file or to create a new compressed pdf file which consists of 427 jpeg images.

Use ghostscript, suggest you google linux+compress images in a pdf