How to compress 4k HD video to mp4 using hevc and h265 codec and fdk_aac.

Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have PC and a DVD drive. From others I have bought a DVD which consists of video but the quality is too high and so size also. I want to compress them to mp4.

I have brought three DVDs from my friend and these consists of upto 30 .vob files and the total files size is upto 32 GB.

I have opened the properties of one file and it is showing that video bitrate is 5500 kbps and audio bitrate is 320 kbps and video resolution is 2400 by 2000 etc.,.

Now I want to convert these vob files to mp4 using hevc and h265 video codec and fdk_aac audio codec.

I have tried to convert these vob files using handbrake and avidemux gui but avidemux gui is not at all working and handbrake is using 96℅ of processor resources.

To convert one file it is taking time upto two hours.

Someone suggested that we must have separate hardware hevc pci card to encode any video to mp4 but my PC is old I mean it has amd radeon 3000 HD graphics.

Can any one of you suggest how to convert these vob files to mp4 with 1024 by 768 resolution and at 1100 video bitrate and 96 kbps audio bitrate.

Since you say “someone” gave you advice, then why aren’t you taking that advice, and why ask further? Because if you are given advice here, are you also going to ignore it and ask someone else the same questions?

And your question itself makes no sense, since you say you can already do what you’re asking. Yes, ripping and muxing a 4k DVD is going to take system resources, how else do you think it’s going to get done? And yes
it’s going to take a long time. Two hours? Maybe, since it depends on your memory and processor, which you don’t tell us anything about. If you want more advice, you can put “how to rip 4k dvd in linux” into Google, and
get a LOT of advice on how to do this with various tools. Since you’ve asked many times in the past on other forums about such things, you already know about ffmpeg, makemkv, handbrake, VLC, and other tools. Choose
one. Please see your other threads where you were asked to perform some basic research of your own.

ALL of them are going to take time and resources, period. So you can either ask your friend to do it for you, ask the ‘someone’ you got advice from to do it for you, or do it yourself and just wait for the results.

As you’ve been told in other forums: How to compress 4k HD video to mp4 using hevc and h265 codec and fdk_aac. | Digit Technology Discussion Forum

handbrake is probably the best tool for the job.
2 hours to encode using hevc (H265) seems about right. It’s highly compressed and takes a long time (especially if you are using an older pc).

If you want to encode at 1024x768 and do it a bit quicker why not just encode at h264. That will give you a reasonably sized file.
btw . . . if you are using avidemux, make sure you are using avidemux3 from Packman.