How to close 'curse magnifier'?

When I am coding. I type a shortcut accidently and there is a magnifier around the curse…
But I do not know how to close it. When I restart computer, it is started automatic.
Who can help me how to close it and what is the application’s name?
(Besides, my system is openSUSE 13.2 64bit)

That is not a “besides”, that is important and about the first information you should post having a problem. And this seems to be about a graphical cursor, and thus a graphical user environment, but you fail ro tell us which one (KDE, Gnome, XFCE, …). About the most important information one needs after the openSUSE version. :frowning:

I am sorry. I use KDE.

Try Configure Desktop - Desktop Effects - all Effects you should see Magnifier and it is probably checked uncheck it. Or if you want to keep it as an option you can see the keys associated with its action buy click the wrench.

That works. Thank you so much!!rotfl!