how to choose shortcut to switch throw virtual desktops in plasma 5.14.90

I cannot find it in >system settings>desktop behaviour>virtual desktops
but the tool is present in >system settings>desktop behaviour>activities>switching tab
where does it is hidden?

On that screen, there should be a “Switching” tab.

That’s on Plasma 5.12.6. Maybe it changed for later versions, though it still seems to same with 5.14.5 (on Tumbleweed).

the same I expected but… SUSE Paste
SUSE Paste
instead in activities is present
SUSE Paste
SUSE Paste

I guess the folk have decided to move things around. At least you were still able to find it.

This means you have additional repos and not completely dupped from those repos. Even Tumbleweed doesn’t have 5.14.90 ( the 5.15 beta/RC ).

With Plasma version 5.12.6 the default short cuts to switch between Desktops and Activities are defined in “Shortcuts”:

  • In “Global Shortcuts” –
  • Between Desktops in “KWin”:

To Desktop 1: «Ctrl+F1»
To Desktop 2: «Ctrl+F2»

  • Between Activities in “Plasma”:

Switch between Activities: «Meta+Tab» or «Meta+Shift+Tab»
List all Activities: «Meta+Q»
[HR][/HR]Have the KDE folks moved them?

manythanks, they are there, To Desktop 1: «Ctrl+F1» To Desktop 2: «Ctrl+F2» and so on works, and I set “switch one desktop to the left” and “switch one desktop to the right” as I like «Ctrl+shift+arrow left» and «Ctrl+shift+arrow right»

I have just updated a Tumbleweed system to 20190214. So it is now at Plasma 5.15. And, indeed, they have made it harder to find the desktop switching settings.

…may be it is one step more towards the longed “different widget and wallpaper for each desktop” that is gone lol!
…I’m going tu update to 5.15

I took it as an attempt to emulate Gnome.

Gnome has this “wonderful” system whereby once you work out how to configure your desktop to your liking, they move all of the controls around to where you have problems finding them.

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