How to change the start/main menu icon with plasma5

I have just updated tumbleweed to the latest iso 26062016 and the start button/ main menu icon has changed from the standard kde ‘k’ icon to the opensuse green icon. On balance I prefer the ‘k’ kde icon. I can remember how to change it using kde4 but can’t work out how to change it using plasma5. Can someone please point me in the right direction.

Many thanks.

Right click the icon > edit menu
You should see where to go from there

Thanks for posting.

I think that they are instructions for changing the icon in kde4 but that option does not exist in plasma5.

Using a very British English KDE Plasma 5 user on my Leap 42.1 system, the British English text to be used when “right-clicking” the KDE Application Menu icon is:

  • “Application Menu Settings…” Alt+D,S

Within “Application Menu Settings - Plasma”, top left: Icon: “Use custom image”.I usually use “/usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/places/start-here-branding.svg” (openSUSE branding . . . ) :wink:

Thanks very much dcurtisfra. It was this location that I could not remember.

What I currently do not understand is the lack of openSUSE branding for KDE Breeze.
I have absolutely no idea if the folks in the Nürnberg office can be bribed with a few “halves” of Fränkisches beer to get this changed . . . :wink:

They’re not going to do this. IIRC this is an upstream issue, don’t have the time to research this.

I couldn’t find the modern plasma5 ‘k’ icon so have used the old blue kde4 ‘k’ icon.

I found it - it is called kde.svg

Or, simply, within “Application Menu Settings - Plasma”, top left: Icon: simply disable the “Use custom image” option.

  • If the “square” is coloured (blue in my case) the option is enabled; if the “square” is white then, the option is disabled.

[HR][/HR]I may be “old fashioned” but, I actually prefer the “cross-in-a-box” (or “tick-in-a-box”) / “empty-box” On/Off artwork.