How to change Login screen?

Does anyone know where gdmsetup is? or how I can change the default login screen?

openSUSE 11.1

its not there anymore… so until they update it. you cant change it.

I assume you don’t like the ugly Gnome login screen that jumps around as you type with 11.1 - I thought the 11.0 version was tasteful, this one looks amateurish.

Go to YaST | /etc/sysconfig editor | Desktop | Display Manager

and choose (for example) kdm4.

It might be a good idea to install kdm4 before you log out of course. Don’t worry, it won’t install tons of KDE4 stuff you don’t want.

To safe, after you’ve logged out, use ctrl-alt-F1 to get a linux console, and as root do “init 3” then “init 5” to that the system stops and starts the display manager.

Choose “Gnome” as your session type when you log in via kdm4 for the first time, thereafter it remembers.

Also check out this guide:
Custom splash screen - openSUSE

I’m not really certain but it’s or F10 or a combination of F10 with Alt or CTRL.

That will popup a setupmenu from the GDM loginscreen.
That’s the place where you can change the user icons, themes, fonts etc.

is there a way to change the kdm4 theme in opensuse 11.1?

I installed KDM via the yast installer which seemed to be a small 4MB install. However lots and lots of other KDE stuff DID get installed alongside it. 187 MB in fact! 187 MB that’s 183 MB I never asked to be installed!

The bad thing is that removing KDM and the KDEBase package does not remove all these components which are now firmly embedded in the system including Oxygen Firefox theme and all sorts of other KDE branding.

I assume you don’t work for KDE but maybe you could advise how to get rid of all this guff the KDM install has introduced into the system by apparently exploiting some bug or other in the installer…

It would be much appreciated !