How to avoid package rebuild by copying already built RPM/DEB to /srv/obs/build directory

Hello! I’ve spent few days investigating ways of avoiding initial build of packge when it is created. We’re trying to copy projects/packages from one OBS server to another. Source OBS server already has built RPMs/DEBs. We want to copy projects with packages but avoid their initial rebuild (by copying RPMs/DEBs from source OBS server to /srv/obs/build/<project>/<package> on dest OBS server and may be changing some metadata. I’ve downloaded all RPMs which should be built for pakcage (as example I used kernel package for CentOS), then changed status in XML file there to succeeded and restart obs scheduler (also tryed to stop it, modify status and put rpms and start again and reboot OBS). But scheduler is still thinking that we need to build package (ignoring present RPMs).
Can anybody tell me, if there is any way to say scheduler don’t touch package if its rpms already present?
I know about complete disabling of package building (<build> <disable/>
</package>), but it is wrong decision because if user will modify sources/specs on destination OBS - rebuild SHOULD BE triggered