how to add zypper in centos?

CentOS - Gerris

In centos, zypper command does not work.
How can I install Gerris solver(above web address)?
Please let me know how to solve the problem of No.1.^^;;

Hello, you’ve asked an unusual question. I’ve never heard of anyone who runs zypper in CentOS. I looked into it and could find a good guide. CentOS’s package manager is yum not zypper, so i don’t know why that guide uses zypper. What alternative you could do is install the rpm files manually. Index of /repositories/home:/popinet/CentOS_CentOS-6/x86_64 That link is for CentOS 6, for x86_64, if you are running a different version, don’t use them packages. You need to download the rpm files named gerris-snapshot and gfsview-snapshot and install them with rpm -i foo (foo being the name of the files you download. You will most likely get errors telling you, you need another package first.These packages will most likely be available at the place you downloaded gerris-snapshot and gfsview-snapshot, so keep downloading and installing, down the line until there is no more package errors and you can work you’re way back up the line. Good luck.

you can build for CentOS using OBS.