How to add the latest broadcom-wl to DKMS?


I have a BCM43228 chipset and while I have seen this forum thread ( for Fedora documenting how to build older versions of broadcom-wl with DKMS support I have not found threads pertaining to doing the same with newer versions of broadcom-wl on openSUSE. Now to be clear I know how to install the latest broadcom-wl from an unofficial repository (namely


using the one-click install method), the problem is that it does not come with DKMS support and I do not know how to add this support. This question is me asking how to add DKMS support for the broadcom-wl package I installed from the



Thanks for your time,

If the package I referred to in the


repo is not possible to add to DKMS I will accept alternate solutions, so long as the latest broadcom-wl is added to DKMS.

  1. You have seen, that the package of that Repo is linking to broadcom-wl build in my Repo, but I have not build it for Tumbleweed.
  2. You have seen, that the building is broken?
  3. Why not broadcom-wl from Packman Repo?

Why this repo? The Packman packagers keep the broadcom-wl packages up to date. IME they do a fine job in releasing updates on a kernel update. Massive update and the broadcom-wl-kmp hasn’t been updated yet? Boot the previous kernel from GRUB2’s Advanced options.

AFAIK the broadcom-wl-kmp packages don’t contain any source code ( like f.e. the nvidia-bumblebee packages do download and which dkms uses on a rebuild ). Not sure about the exact details but the broadcom code simply said isn’t free.

@**Sauerland **Wasn’t aware of broadcom-wl being in the PackMan repo, I was searching, I didn’t realize that it did not include results from the PackMan repo. So are you saying that the package in the PackMan repo will automatically add itself to DKMS? Is the kmp-default subpackage the DKMS package I want? Sorry, I’m new to openSUSE so I am not familiar with package naming conventions.

@Knurpht So the package in the PackMan repo is updated so frequently that it is always compatible with the latest kernel? ****

If a new kernel is released, the Packman team will build a new kernel package, so no need to do something with dkms.
dkms is for building with source packages, the kernel packages from openSUSE or packman are pre compiled.

Forget dkms…

Thanks guys, there’s a broadcom-wl-dkms package for Arch Linux, so that’s why I thought that a DKMS build would be possible on openSUSE, see Arch was my previous distro. This PackMan solution will suffice, though, so all good :).