how to add shortcuts to desktop

How do you add shortcuts to the desktop?

I’ve already searched through the forums, and can’t find anything that works.

If it helps im running a Toshiba laptop, which has 3.8 GiB memory, an Intel Core i3-2350M CPU, and an Intel Sandybridge Mobile graphics card

As well, can someone tell me how to open terminal in administrator mode?

Assuming you use KDE (you did not mention which desktop you use): open the application menu/starter and drag an application icon onto your desktop. Done.

Again, it would help when you explain which desktop. Most of us do not have working glass balls. :wink:

linux doesn’t use shortcuts it uses desktop files
desktop files are text files which identify the application to launch and are usually shown in the menu bar in plasma5 you can drag a launcher from the menubar to the desktop
another way would be to create *.desktop files and put them in the Desktop directory ~/Desktop
to see some examples of desktop files check out the content of


that’s a system folder and only root can edit files there but you can copy desktop files from there to your desktop or to


where user defined launchers (shortcuts) go
here’s an example of a launcher I did for Basilisk (it came without one)
I keep it as

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Web Browser
Comment=Web Browser
Exec=/home/me/opt/basilisk/basilisk %u


[Desktop Action PrivateBrowsing]
Name=New Private Browsing Window
Exec=/home/me/opt/basilisk/basilisk --private-window %u

you can use the above as an example on how to create your own launchers keep in mind enviroment variables don’t seam to work in desktop files (for me anyway) I couildn’t use ~ or $HOME I had to use the full path to the executable

I use a custom which is mostly GNOME

Could you simplify that?

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mennoholscher;2866219 Wrote:
> Assuming you use KDE (you did not mention which desktop you use): open
> the application menu/starter and drag an application icon onto your
> desktop. Done.[/QUOUTE]
> I use a custom which is mostly GNOME

There are no more desktop shortcuts in GNOME Tumbleweed, as in it’s

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I don’t know how gnome does the desktop folder but just take a look at the files with the desktop extension in


those are launchers ie shortcuts you can make custom shortcuts and put them in


and they will appear in the menu bar (start menu)
the default plasma 5 desktop comes with 2 shortcuts (desktop files) and you can put as many desktop files on it as you want but as you use Gnome and I haven’t in years I have no idea if Gnome displays launchers on the Desktop

here’s another simple example
you can copy the Firefox desktop file to your Desktop and you will get a Firefox shortcut on your desktop
this works with plasma 5 and lxqt the desktops I’ve tried I’m not sure about Gnome maybe under classic mode

cp /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop ~/Desktop

you can do this with any launcher in /usr/share/applications/ or you can create your own custom shortcuts ie desktop files