How to add printer PPD files?

OpenSuse 11.0 - Where is the function to add PPD files to the database now hidden? I don’t find it in YAST > Hardware> Printers where it used to be. TIA - Doug

we use gnome: on our system I would use the search function and look for


to see where they are;

ours, for our Samsung, are in /usr/share/cups/model/Samsung/ where there is a Samsung folder and multiple Samsung ppd files within:

is that any use?

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Re: [opensuse] Canon’s PPD file for the iR3300 prineter is not accepted in openSUSE 10.3


If you load the PPD via the CUPS interface at http://localhost:631 it should accept the PPD with no issues.

I have never had to try that; as I explore CUPS, it is not intuitive to me how one would do that; grateful for someone to explain it to me

which printer are you trying to configure?