How to add new dsl connection?

How to add new DSL connection ,please?
I have OpenSuse 11.2


If you have a broadband modem that is also a router, just accept the networking defaults and Networkmanager will get an address from the router by DHCP.

May I also ask a question in same line.
I have connection which I configured on 10.3 and 11.0 (didn’t try 11.1) using kinternet. But I having problem configuring this same connection in 11.2.
I read the documentation and it said that simply configure your DSL modem using Yast and then configure the connection with Network manager. I configured the modem (and the provider using) Yast DSL module. In network manager(nm)I did not know what to specify in the “service” field of the DSL configuration dialog so I simply specified the username and password and gave this a try. But nm simply connects using the system default settings for wired network(n/w) when I plug-in the ethernet cable and does not show an option to connect using the specified DSL configuration. May be this is because I have left the service field empty. If this is the case please can someone tell me what to write there.

I have also tried using Kinternet but that also is not working here in 11.2.

I’m from India and have a BSNL broadband connection, if it is of any help.

EDIT: I forgot to tell I’m using KDE (and thus knetworkmanager as the nm frontend).

Sorry, I don’t have experience with non-smart DSL modems. The setups I have encountered store the login and password in the modem/router. Much easier to deal with when the modem/router serves a LAN instead of one computer.