How to add "mii-tool"

I have a ethernet internet connection which require network card to be set on a speed of 10mbps, half duplex. The problem is that only the command “mii-tool” can set speed to 10mbps and this command is not available in opensuse 11.2, only the command “ethtool” is available which, for an unknown reason doesn’t work(it changes the speed but the internet connection doesn’t work), this happens not only in opensuse, but in every other distributions. How can i add this command or is there another way to set 10mbps speed in linux?

Define “internet connection doesn’t work”?

Can you ping from the command line after changing the speed - for example **ping **(this is one of Googles IPs)

The DHCP’s servers of my ISP refuses connection, so no ping. It only works when speed and duplex changed using mii-tool in the other distributions.

For ethtool i ussed: sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 10 duplex half autoneg off

Maybe i’ve used ethtool wrong, the speed changes but the dhcp refuses connection.

For mii-tool (on ubuntu live cd) i used:
sudo mii-tool -A 10baseT-HD eth0