How to add icon to taskbar?

Hello. It looks so simple, but I just don’t know how to do it. I would like to add new application shortcut to the bottom taskbar, but I can’t find the way to do it. I’ve seen you can edit the main menu structure, but that’s not what I want. I’m on suse 11.1 with kde 4. Thanks for your help.

unlock widget first - from top right corner

If you mean an application icon.
Go the app from the start menu, right click add to panel

Or you can just drag the app from main menu onto the panel.

You will also find quicklaunch plasmoid useful.

Right click on panel → Panel Options → Add Widgets → select Quicklaunch → Add Widget

Thanks, I’ll try it again :slight_smile:

I have trouble to move taskbars.
Actually, I managed to move panels where I want them, but widgets inside, like a system tray, I cannot set it’s width. I want to move it to the right, but it is centered within his own width, which is huge.

Another problem is to move shortcut icons that I added to panel around it.

How to resolve this?


Right click on panel and click “Panel Settings”

An extra bar will appear above the panel.

Now just drag and drop the widgets to the required position inside the panel.

Thanks. Yes, icons can be dragged, but icons in systemtray widget cannot.
Another problem is that widgets inside the panel can’t be resized.
Bug posted to


If you’re on KDE 4.2 you can hide/unhide system tray icons, though.

Right click on system tray –> System Tray Settings –> move icons to be hidden to Hidden Icons column.

I think you cant do that unless you increase the panel size (Height)

Well, even now in newest 4.2 build, still cant resize system tray. It just uses 100% of what space is left. Very odd.