how to add folder to path

I’m using KDE
I want to add “/snap/bin” to the path
How and where do I do it

I assume you talk about the PATH enviroment variable.

That is different for each user, thus the first question is of course: Who’s path?

PATH is normally set or adapted in the profile, which is /etc/profile to give a general start and then ~/.profile for each user.

So when you want this as a user, then do it in your .profile. Add a statement like


You’re creating a top level directory?
Usually inadvisable… I’d be surprised if that’s a default location created by the snap application.
If you’re creating a custom location to store your snap files, you’re better recommended to put it for instance under /opt/

In any case,
Henk describes adding as a User PATH.
You can also add it to the system PATH which would apply to all Users and not just one User(remember even a system with only one User also has a root account) by creating a /etc/profile.local file holding your customizations… Anything in /etc/profile.local will be appended to the existing /etc/profile and won’t risk disappearing with a system upgrade (If you directly edited /etc/profile your customizations would work but would disappear the next time an upgrade replaces the file)


Yes, Linux is standardised – <> – not for the faint hearted – you’ll need to walk through a chain a URLs to find Standards document for the (Linux) Filesystem Hierarchy:

Also documented here: <>.

As far as the FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) is concerned, the paper chase begins here: <> – with the Linux Foundation –

  • If you’re interested, you can take a look at who (mostly not small companies and businesses and government bodies) is involved with the Foundation …

[HR][/HR]The FHS is part of the Linux base standards – the “Linux Standard Base” (LSB) – <> –

[HR][/HR]Standards are never easy – usually only those who have had to conform to industry standards as part of earning a living, know how to deal with the things …