how to add delay to firefox automatic startup after login (session restore)

I’m having troulbe restoring my Firefox session after restarting the computer. I usually shut off my laptop leaving my apps open so that they start automatically when I start opensuse again. Unfortunately, Firefox starts BEFORE the network manager has successfully connected to the internet, which makes firefox show the “server not found” page. In addition, once the network manager has connected to the internet, firefox will not load the pages, when hitting reload. It seems as if it would be in “offline mode”.
I know this has been an issue in some distros (for instance I had the same issue in Leap 42.3), but in other distros, like 13.1, Firefox would wait a while before starting, so that the network manager has enough time to connect before opening all the windows.

My question would be: is there a way to manually delay the automatic startup of firefox, when initaing session in opensuse, so that the network manager has enough time to connect?

I have tried to delay the startup from firefox following the suggestion of “finders” in this old post
but it doesn’t work for me. The firefox windows open right when I login

BTW, a smilar thing happens to the software updates app: it tries to look for updates much too soon and it gives an error “checking updates failed” because it can’t connect to the repos. This behavior doesn’t bother me that much, but it may be related to the issue with firefox.

Thank you.

Best would be to change your NetworkManager settings, so that you are connected before you login.

I’ll assume that you are using KDE, and that this is a WiFi connection.

Right-click on the network icon in the tray, and select “Configure network connections”.

Select your WiFi connection, and edit that connection (that might automatically happen).

Go to the security settings. Look for where you enter the password/key for the connection. There should be an icon that looks like a floppy disk. If you click on that, it will give you several choices on where to store the connection key. Select the choice to save unencrypted in a file. Note that only root can read that file, so it is not a serious security risk, though the description makes it seem a problem.

Then go to the general options for the connection (sorry, I don’t remember the name but it a tab toward the left). You should be able to set the connection to be shared by all users. You will need the root password to save that change.

After you have made those changes, you should find that you are connected upon boot. So by the time you login into KDE, you should already be connected. And firefox should be able to access the network immediately.

Your suggestion solved my problem. Thank you!