How to add 32 seconds of nothing to beginning of video file?

I have a problem:

Movie and translation are 32 seconds out of sync.

There are 2 ways to resolve:

  1. edit all zillion lines of translation (daunting, I couldnt find tool)
  2. add 32 seconds of nothing or whatever to the beginning of a video file

No2 may be quicker, but I do not know how… I am not good with ffmpeg… also, if I want to join some 32 seconds, lets say of my XVid recording, I need to prepare it to be the same as film, so it is also complicated.

Anyone know how to add 32 sec?
I tried openShot (couldnt find option). Cinellera is giving me strange errors, about audio codec and something I dont understand… I am confused in using both tools :slight_smile:

Hello beli0135

Asking back to make sure I understand the question. With “translation” you mean subtitles?

I managed to resolve the problem… Found subtitle tool aegisub…

anyways, I would like to know how to add some seconds to the beginning of the film.

To add seconds or substract seconds to the audio/video sync in a video I typically use avidmux. But for a full length feature film it would be painful to iteratively find the correct setting.

Can you copy a few 10 second clips out of the video with the same offset, and then use those (in avidmux) to figure out the exact time offset needed (because you eventually MUST be precise in this) and then once you have that sorted, use avidemux for the entire clip ?

Using mplayer/mencoder you could try -subdelay where you can give a negative argument to make the subtitles appear earlier.

@oldcpu sounds complicated… anyways, I am not huge video editing fan…

@vodoo how would be the command line?

No worries, albeit IMHO this is a case where the GUI is easier than the command line.

Yes but…
in case of kino, openshot etc are TOO SIMPLE gui and cannot do most of what you want.

In case of Cinellera, its too complex to find a feature that does what you want.