How to access Gmail via imap:// on Konqueror?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to access their Gmail files via IMAP on Konqueror? There is supposed to be an imap:// kio slave, but I can’t get it to login to my Gmail. I tried imap:// but no luck. I also tried imap:// since I think the username has to include the part. But still no access. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Well first of all you’ll have to enable imap access in your gmail settings. Then you have to use imaps:// because gmail uses SSL. The imap server is

So the URL would be:


Then type in your username: (not
and normal password

If you have Kontact installed, you should be able to use KMail but I’ve not tried it.

Yes Kontact can make a connection with, so can Thunderbird. In KMail it is best to use use IMAP without a permanent connection. In that case your messages are stored on your computer, so you can access them even when you do not have an Internet connection. When the connection is there, messages get synchronized. You can use as the outgoing server using the same authentication information as for accessing the IMAP server. Note however that any message to that server will get the from-address <your gmail email address>.