How install FFmpeg GUI?


I found it very interesting that program.
But I could only install it without a GUI.

I saw in the pictures that his name is ffmpegx (mac?)…
More could not find the openSUSE repositories.

I some similar as: winff and qwinff.
More does not allow the same video setup level as ffmpeg photos.

Can someone help me?
Thank you!

AFAIK ffmpeg has no GUI but there are tons of GUI’s for ffmpeg
you can try ffmpegyag from packman
if you have the packman repo install is simple

zypper in ffmpegyag

ps. there is a bug in packmans’s web site and does not show LEAP links but the packages are there and you can install them with zypper or yast

ffmpeg is basically a text-based collection of tools and supported codecs.

When selecting a GUI frontend, I recommend you base it on specifically what you want to do…
Video editing?


I would like to convert videos.
Thanks a lot!

On Tue 22 Dec 2015 01:26:02 AM CST, kholyphoenix1 wrote:

I would like to convert videos.
Thanks a lot!

Use handbrake from the packman repo…

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“Handbrake” only provides the mkv and mp4 … Where extensions avi, vorbis …?

to be honest vorbis (ogm) is dead and avi has inferior compression (and is dyeing a slow death), your best choices are mp4 for compatibility (it’s an iso standard) and mkv for openness (it’s an open container format).

I_A, ok thanks !!

I would recommend Curlew, nice simple video converter.
For all formats.

Greetings Hendrik.