How I debugged a undefined symbol error

I have 2 machine with tumbleweed, on 2022-04-13 the laptop updated in the morning, and I kept working no reboot no nothing. Around 15 the desktop updated and it stopped working KDE -.-

The error launching program was /lib64/ undefined symbol wl_proxy_marshal_flags

So I tried to reboot and now was not even starting the sddm (the login screen) with error /usr/lib64/qt5/qml/org/kde/plasma/core/ can not load /lib64/ undefined symbol wl_proxy_marshal_flags

I searched a bit, realized this is a wayland related function, but no result was pertinent so I checked for differences in the 2 system doing

To know which library it includes i used ldd

ldd /lib64/

To see the exported function

On laptop
nm -DC /lib64/
Was exported

On desktop
nm -DC /lib64/ amd something radeon /
was not exported !

At the moment I just deleted the amd radeon one (which was doing some kind of preloading), and all that I use is working fine. In case a new Kernel requires a recompile of Radeon driver and the problem is still present I will report to amd