How do you setup Huawei E3276-S???

I wanna know how to setup Huawei E3276-S beacuse it doesn’t work by just pluging it in. Thanks for answer! lol!

First, welcome to openSUSE Forums AlexMalmis. I haven’t used a mobile broadband device with openSUSE for a few years now, and don’t have direct experience with using these newer 4G devices in Linux, although most appear as CDC (Communications Device Class) devices when properly activated, and should appear with an ethernet interface. (Make sure that your device is getting powered up properly via the USB port its plugged in to, as that might well be a factor here.)

This blog may be of guidance to you…
The author was using Ubuntu, but the same mechanisms should apply. The first stp is making sure that the device is properly switched from a storage device to a CDC device via ‘usb_modeswitch’. Check if the package of same name is installed. Watching the system journal in a terminal will tell you if this is working as expected when the device is first plugged in…

sudo journalctl -f

The author isn’t using NetworkManager, but rather activates the ethernet connection via CLI instead. However, if you are using NetworkManager, it should be equally capable of managing the eth* interface.

When I type usb_modeswitch -v 12d1 -p 1f01 -M ‘55534243123456780000000000000011062000000101000100000000000000’ it just says Look for default devices …
No devices in default mode found. Nothing to do. Bye!

There should be no need to run that command manually. It’s likely that it’s been detected and switched automatically perhaps. Watch the journal (as I suggested before), and then plug the device in and observe/capture the output generated. You can copy and post that here if necessary. Also, with the device connected, share the output of


or filtered just for the Huawei device, something like…

usb-devices|awk '/12d1/' RS="


Does an ethernet device node appear after it is plugged in? (Compare before/after perhaps)

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