How do you configure the proxy

Hi. I am using 11.1 and to connect to my local school’s Internet correctly I need to configure the proxy settings. I need to provide a proxy configuration url to suse so that I am able to update it as well as install programs. I am able to configure firefox, but I cant find the right utility to configure suse. Can someone tell me where it is?

YaST > Network > Network Services > Proxy

One short answer is

yast->Network Services->Proxy

The problem is if you’re going back and forth between home and school. If you are using kde 4.2, you can use the NetworkManager widget (loaded into the taskbar, not the desktop) and kwallet. Click on the icon for NetworkManager and select your network. When the proxy needs a password, kwallet will pop up and ask you for the password to start kwallet. Next, you should see a dialog box with the user and password filled in by kwallet.

I had trouble getting that dialog box to pop up, but a recent update fixed it. I didn’t think about this until just now… tonight I took the laptop from my house (encryption and no proxy) where it was connect to the internet, to school (proxy and no encryption) and all I had to do to switch was click on the proper network in NM. Seems like a whole lot problems went away just recently.

Thanks, found it. But the packages still dont want to download. - trying to install GIMP
Im using gnome, and I dont have any networks to worry about at home (yet).
I sometimes have issues when I use windows on my friends networks, I usually have to manually tell the browser to not use the proxy onfiguration url, and remember to turn it on later. Windows itself (update, help etc) doesnt seem to care about proxies, it just does it’s stuff (whether i want it to or not).

If the problem is at school, it may be nothing more than them blocking sites.

I have a similar problem, can you help me?

SUSE 11.1 just after DVD installation.
KDE 4, network controlled by the Network Menager.

I don’t want to use YAST for proxy, since then I need to stop using the Network Manager as a network controller. I want to have a tray icon like in Windows for network.

How then configure proxy for the global system?
Is it not possible to use the Network Manager for proxy as well?