How do I use dialup?


I’ve just installed OpenSuse 11.1 and am trying to get online using dialup. I’ve clicked through the modem detection and setup using Yast and all seemed to go well. But I have no idea how to actually click “connect” or “dial” or whatever I need to do to get online. Everything seems to be set up OK, except that there doesn’t seem to be any option or icon or menu-selection that actually dials the number and connects. So where is it, what have I missed?

Just to warn people I’m a n00b so spell things out for me. Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I haven’t used dial-up for a long time, but when I did I used a package called Kinternet. It wasn’t installed by default, so had to install it using the package manager in Yast. You reach it from the kickoff menu, via Computer tab at the top labelled “Install Software”.

Search for Kinternet and install it. It always placed an entry in the kickoff menu under a sub-menu of Applications tab, but don’t remember exact place. Kinternet was always more flexible to configure than the distribution default ( available via Yast).

Any problems after installation come back here with questions. :slight_smile:

(sorry, i’ve not used dialup for years…and, maybe this will not work
for you…but,)

assuming you have loaded in the telephone number you are to use, and
your id/pass–maybe just see if it is all automatic…that is, open a
browser, type in, hit enter and maybe it will auto-connect…

i know it can be set up to do it that way…whether or not YaST will
set that up by default, i do not know…

it that does not work then you will have to wait for someone with much
more recent dialup experience than i have…

OH! and while waiting for the real helper to come along, here is some
reading which may have just the guidance you need (the two use
slightly different search strings, so see both):“11.1”“dial+up”+“11.1”

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